NASA’s Physics-Defying Rocket Propulsion Engine EmDrive Does Not Work, New Experiment Reveals

NASA researchers who tested the EmDrive reported that they were able to measure some thrust. The new experiment, however, suggests the thrust may have come from a secondary source.   ( Satellite Propulsion Research Ltd (SPR Ltd) )

Researchers at NASA’s Eagleworks advanced-propulsion lab have been working on a technology that can theoretically bring humans to Mars in just 70 days.

Technology Can Theoretically Make Space Flights Cheaper, More Efficient

The rocket propulsion engine known as EmDrive is supposed to generate thrust by bouncing microwaves inside a cone-shaped chamber without any propellant. It was originally developed by British scientist Roger Shawyer in the early 2000s.

As the engine does not require any fuel, the technology can theoretically make spaceflight cheaper and far more efficient. It can significantly make deep space missions, particularly manned missions, to the Red Planet more doable.

Physics-Defying Rocket Propulsion Engine

Newton’s third law of motion says that every action must have an equal and opposite reaction. Conventional propulsion rockets expel superheated gas and other materials through nozzles at high speed. EmDrive, however, does not have an exhaust to expel as the opposing reaction, which defies the laws of physics.

Anomalous Thrust

Last year, NASA reported in a peer-reviewed scientific paper that they tested the EmDrive and were able to measure some thrust. Nonetheless, not everyone is convinced. Some remained skeptical prompting a group of researchers from the Technical University at Dresden in Germany to repeat the experiment. The new experiment was done in a vacuum and everything was automated.

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