PMU asks Washington to apologize for US Secretary of State Remarks
PMU Spokesman, Ahmed Al-Asadi, sought an apology on Monday, Oct 23th, 2017, from the United States for the remarks of US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson about the existence of “Iranian militias in Iraq”.
In the press conference held in the Iraqi Parliament and attended by PMU delegate, Al-Asadi described “Tillerson’s remark as unacceptable and is only false accusation” and assured that “all fighters in the Iraqi lands are Iraqis”.
Al-Asadi added “those remarks reflect lack of expertise and they belittle the Iraqi sacrifices” and he demanded the US to apologize for them.
Considering the advisers in Iraq, Al-Asadi confirmed “their presence is authorized by the Iraqi government” and “the government will request them to leave Iraq after the end of the military operations

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