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He was a young man with an ambitious ambition, full of hair, fears and a desire for reform and renewal. He was obsessed with patriotism and the desire to live up to the institution he ran. When Abu al-Hill was president of the Council, The trustees in the network, was complaining about the lack of commitment of the previous head of the network recommendations of the Board of Trustees, and he is unique to work outside the will of the trustees, and the recommendations of the Board of Trustees do not listen to the ears, was to be remedied situation and restoration so as not to waste the efforts of secretaries and in vain and subject to the large institution of acquisition And come back The former of the hegemony and tyranny and the exclusion of creative energies in the Iraqi media network. Abul Hail is a poet and media person. He holds a master’s degree in sociology and is a member of the Iraqi media network. The history of Abu al-Hill includes a great deal of jihad and honorable positions. He is a descendant of a family that offered the sacrifice and sacrifice to the homeland and confronting the captured dictator during the 1980s And the nineties, the father of Abu al-Hail one of the righteous martyrs known patience and his achievements and steadfastness and his performance of tyranny, a man known as the city of Nasiriyah, and embroider (the hand of the pharaohs) to which the name belongs to the letters of Noor. Mujahid Abu al-Hill,

who was still at the beginning of his youth, traveled with his family to Iran to escape the oppression of the tyrants and the Galawza. He completed his studies there to the level of junior high school. He has established good relations with a group of young Iraqi young poets and artists living in Iran, poetry books, and published in the magazine Al Qasab, which was then managed by the poet Jaber Jabri, and known to a large elite of Iraqi creators of different generations, and when To Iraq after the fall of the dictator, was still young, worked for a short period in the magazine Islamic Solidarity, led by His Eminence Sheikh Mohammed Baqir Naciri, to be the first window in Iraq, and then moved to the Ministry of Culture, and participated in poetry festivals, Al-Shaari after liberation is a creative poet. His short texts are characterized by a poetic glow and a bright surprise, while his poems are characterized by pureness, condensation and translucent language that reflect the transparency of his soul and heart. He completed his university studies and obtained a master’s degree. a Der poetry groups and traveled to various capitals of the world and participated in festivals and literary and cultural forums around the world. It is remarkable that Abu Hail is greater than rhetoric and empty debates. He works silently, calmly, and equanimously to invent creative ideas that benefit the institution that he manages away from utilitarianism and personal interests as he is concerned. Abu Hail, as everyone knows with himself and with others, With its rare and rare heritage, embraces its jihadist heritage and its bright history and begins to work hard to instill in its workshop a fruitful tree that will undoubtedly be remembered by everyone. This is the father of the poet and the man with the utmost degree of brevity. One of the most important achievements during the month of assuming the presidency of the network: – – Attention to the speech national media in all languages ​​and forms, as announced the start of the Iraqi Kurdish channel for two hours a day after discovering flaws in the speech of the network, which abandoned a decade and a half of any time to communicate with the components of Iraq speaking non-Arab, so initiated in his first days to head the network Of the announcement of the Kurdish broadcast promising full broadcast over 24 hours 

He also initiated the development of the Iraqi-Turkmen channel and start a promising plan for its development

– Abulhail announced the launching of the imn news channel, Iraq’s international channel, which Abu Al-Hill founded and wrote its program and technical plan since he took over the presidency of the network’s board of trustees more than a year ago. – Abulhail also prepared seriously for the launch of the Iraqi News Agency, which will be launched in Arabic, English, Kurdish and Turkmen to be the national carrier of Iraqi news and marketing locally, Arab and international –

Abu-Alhail announced the start of the project to establish the National Media Museum, which will record Iraq’s artistic and media memory and archive all the history of radio and television since its establishment. Until now, the Iraqi archives have witnessed a great loss since the fall of the dictatorship. Abulhail has also carried out administrative, financial and media reforms in the network’s facilities since he assumed his duties. The media network has been in turmoil since its formation and so far because of the lack of professional planning – Abulhail will also attend the launch of a new garage and media content and programs in all channels of the network will be launched early next month storyby; ammar al musawee




storyby; ammar al musawee


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