Cardboard Tents Given to Homeless in Belgium


A project in Brussels, Belgium, one of the most comfortable cities in Europe,  is pioneering portable cardboard tents for homeless people to sleep in. Together with backpacks, containing essentials, these were presented to officials yesterday and all be distributed homeless people.

The pitching of normal tents in Brussels is forbidden and people are moved on by the police, but these cardboard tents, known as the ORIG-AMI project, can be transported by users on their backs as they seek shelter.

The people behind the project hope that their tents will allow the homeless somewhere safe to sleep that will be tolerated by police.

The cardboard was donated by a cardboard factory and the finished product assembled by a workshop at the Lantin prison.

Many shelters in the Belgian capital are already fully occupied by winter time and some homeless people do not want to go into shelters where they may be separated from their pets.

Homelessness is a problem that can become invisible to authorities, despite the constant presence of people sleeping on the streets. This move will help some to find shelter where none seems available.

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