Some Veterans Worry A PTSD Diagnosis Will Force Them To Choose: Treatment Or Their Guns

The Department of Veterans Affairs calls this concern “unfounded,” but HuffPost spoke to veterans and experts who explained the roots of this fear. By Carolina Moreno Adam Lingo, a retired Army staff sergeant, walked across 11 states last year, flanked by men who had become like brothers while serving together in Iraq. They made the […]

Putin wins 2018 presidential election with landslide victory

  Incumbent Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to secure a landslide victory in the 2018 Russian presidential election. A preliminary result released by the Russian Central Electoral Commission shows that Putin is now leading with over 76.66 percent of the vote. It is well above the simple majority needed to avoid a run-off. As […]

Infections during pregnancy affects brain development in the fetal stage

A study published in the journal of Neuroscience on Monday revealed that infections or other triggers for a pregnant mother’s immune system can affect her baby’s brain development. A team led by Bradley Peterson at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles found that short- and long-term brain functioning can be influenced by immune system activity during the […]

Cosmetic procedures: tips, damages and side effects

The appearance is generally important for women and men, so many people are looking for cosmetic operations that will correct or beautify the desired area. In some cases, however, cosmetic surgery takes a different curve and gives results that are completely different than expected, especially in case of exaggeration. . You can perform a process […]

Does Smoking Weed Make You More Creative?

By Ryan Standifird     A new study on the effects of smoking marijuana and its relation to creativity has some interesting results. The study consisted of 412 marijuana users (they couldn’t find 8 more?) and 309 non-users, and they attempted to answer the question: Does smoking marijuana make you more creative? Emily LaFrance, the co-author […]

Does drinking fizz make you fat?

By Dr Michael Mosley We all know that sugary, fizzy drinks are full of calories – with the equivalent of about seven teaspoons of sugar in a standard can of cola. But is it only the sugar in the drink that swells our waists, or could it also be the bubbles? In a recent study […]

Gaucho grill: Argentine cuisine glows with wood-fire cooking

Flames glow, smoke billows and the aroma of slowly burning logs blends with the flavors of lightly charred calamari with broccoli and aioli cooked inside a handmade wood-fired oven. Like other dishes at Proper restaurant, essential ingredients for this house favorite are timber and fire. Proper was recently named in the Latin American edition of […]