Hidden mountain ranges discovered under Antarctica ice

Researchers have discovered mountain ranges and three huge, deep subglacial valleys hidden beneath the Antarctica ice.       Researchers have discovered mountain ranges and three huge, deep subglacial valleys hidden beneath the Antarctica ice. The findings, published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, are the first to emerge from extensive ice-penetrating radar data collected […]

Mouse to man: animal models and cell models in the study of Autism

Animal models allow us to enhance our understanding of disease mechanisms in many disorders. These models provide an invaluable tool in identifying targets for drug and therapeutic development for human use. The use of mouse models and stem cell models is widely disseminated throughout Autism research, but what discoveries has the use of these allowed […]

NASA’s Physics-Defying Rocket Propulsion Engine EmDrive Does Not Work, New Experiment Reveals  ByAllan Adamson NASA researchers who tested the EmDrive reported that they were able to measure some thrust. The new experiment, however, suggests the thrust may have come from a secondary source.   ( Satellite Propulsion Research Ltd (SPR Ltd) ) Researchers at NASA’s Eagleworks advanced-propulsion […]

Donald Trump Signs Directive To Modernize US Commercial Space Travel Policy

President Donald Trump signs the Space Policy Directive-2 aimed at reformatting and modernizing outdated government policies on commercial space travel. The White House announced on Thursday, the directive is set to speed up the issuance of licenses and other requirements to American private space companies that are developing technology for the commercial space travel industry. Companies […]

How Misreading Bodily Signals Causes Anxiety

by Nicholas Hobson, PhD   It’s 9 AM Monday morning. You’ve just pulled into work and are ready to pitch your presentation to the senior management team. Your PowerPoint slides are damn near perfect and you’ve gone over the script dozens of times. You’ve got this. As everyone gathers in the room, you’re suddenly flooded with […]

Rare birds ‘at risk of poisoning from eating lead shot’

Warning by expert panel says up to 400,000 wildfowl a year may suffer lead poisoning Several rare bird species, including a breed of red-headed duck listed as “vulnerable”, are under threat from lead poisoning linked to shooting, a new report says. Numbers of common pochard, a duck species at risk of global extinction, have fallen substantially over […]

NASA’s Curiosity rover tests new drilling method on Mars

After a mechanical problem took NASA Mars rover Curiosity’s drill offline in December 2016, it has now successfully tested a new drilling method on the Red Planet, making a 50-millimeter deep hole in a target called “Duluth”, NASA has said.   By: IANS   After a mechanical problem took NASA Mars rover Curiosity’s drill offline in […]

Archaeologists finally unravel the mystery of the 150-year-old baby skeleton with one mummified hand

Researchers from the University of Szeged have analysed the mysterious hand and suggest that it underwent a unique form of mummification By Shivali Best In 2005, experts were baffled when they discovered a tiny, green, mummified hand alongside a range of other bones in Nyarlorinc, Hungary. While the flesh on the hand was still fairly intact, the other bones […]

With bees on the brink, World Bee Day seeks to raise awareness

Bee populations have witnessed a steady decline over the past decade, according to the UN. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for people to “do something good for bees” as they face extinction. Organizations across the globe on Sunday marked the first-ever World Bee Day launched by the UN to raise awareness about the fate of […]

NASA’s Psyche Mission Aims to Launch Ahead of Original Schedule

NASA’s Psyche mission to a distant metal asteroid will carry a revolutionary Deep Space Optical Communications (DSOC) package. This artist’s concept shows Psyche spacecraft with a five-panel array. (Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Arizona State Univ./Space Systems Loral/Peter Rubin) The Psyche asteroid project is a rarity among the 17 major NASA projects that were recently assessed by the Government […]