Remembering — and Aiding — Families of the Fallen

By David Craig May 29, 2018 Your silent tents of green We deck with fragrant flowers Yours has the suffering been, The memory shall be ours. – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow On this Memorial Day,  it has been 16 years and counting since the United States has been at war. Since 9/11, 6,959 Americans have paid the ultimate sacrifice […]

The Trump–Kim summit and the future of US strategy in Asia

Could a potential Trump–Kim meeting be an opportunity to reset the regional order in ways favourable to the interests of the US, its allies and security partners? At a time of unprecedented turbulence in Asian security affairs, Tim Huxley and Ben Schreer explain the preoccupations of regional policymakers as they prepare to attend the IISS […]

Lebanon Voices Concern over New Syrian Redevelopment Law

Lebanese Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil voiced on Saturday his country’s concern over a new Syrian law aimed at redeveloping areas devastated by seven years of war, saying it could impede the return of Syrian refugees to their homes. “Law 10” of the legislation allows people to prove they own property in the areas chosen for […]

Pompeo Calls on Iran Leaders to Stop ‘Looting their People’

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urged on Friday the leaders of Iran to stop “looting” their own people and to cease wasting those funds in “adventures” in Syria, Yemen, Lebanon and Iraq, In an interview with Voice of America Persian, he accused the Iranian regime of developing ballistic missiles and firing them against Muslim […]

Trump ignores White House’s secure phone rules because they are ‘inconvenient’, says report

President’s top aides say dual iPhones ‘more secure than any Obama-era devices’ Jon Sharman   Donald Trump has shrugged off attempts by White House staff to improve the security around his mobile phones because doing so would be “inconvenient”, it has been claimed. The US President is said to use two iPhones – having switched from Android earlier in his […]

When the name Yazid is neither good nor bad

Syrians lack a common history and will continue to do so as long as the oral history of each group remains different from the one presented in slogans of national dissimulation.   [This article by Omar Kaddour is part of a special series focused on Oral Culture and Identity in Syria. It is the outcome […]

England star Butcher: Army failed my dead war hero son

FOOTBALL legend Terry Butcher yesterday told the Armed Forces to do more to support veterans after his son died “a victim of war” after battling severe post-traumatic stress disorder. Army captain Chris Butcher, 35, witnessed horrors in tours of Iraq and Afghanistan with the Royal Artillery. By GEOFF MAYNARD His dad Terry, 59, fought back tears […]

Donald Trump is right about CNN

Trump is certainly right about one thing, CNN is failing. Its primetime lineup gets walloped by Fox News and MSNBC on a nightly basis. Several times in the past few weeks, Anderson Cooper’s 8pm show has lost to his time slot rival Tucker Carlson’s re-run at midnight on Fox, according to figures reviewed by Cockburn. Thursday provides […]

Hezbollah Raises Portfolios Threshold

As the race for cabinet portfolios accelerates before the appointment of a new Prime Minister, “Hezbollah” has made new demands on political and service portfolios, contrary to its previous shares in governments since 2005. Observers have raised several questions regarding Hezbollah’s change of policy in light of regional and international developments. Hezbollah opponents link this […]

Israel segregates Arab, Jewish women in maternity wards

In at least four Israeli hospitals, Arab women are separated from Jewish women in maternity wards, Haaretz newspaper reported. In a report based on testimonies collected from the four hospitals, the paper said the segregation policy has become the norm, explaining that the hospitals segregate the mothers either at their request of because they deem it right. […]