Putin wins 2018 presidential election with landslide victory

  Incumbent Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to secure a landslide victory in the 2018 Russian presidential election. A preliminary result released by the Russian Central Electoral Commission shows that Putin is now leading with over 76.66 percent of the vote. It is well above the simple majority needed to avoid a run-off. As […]

British soldier dies in Iraq

An investigation has been launched into the death which was not the result of enemy activity. A British soldier has died in an incident at an air base in Iraq. The Ministry of Defence (MoD) said the death of Captain Dean Sprouting was not the result of enemy activity. An investigation has been launched into the […]

Queen bees: Do women hinder the progress of other women?

“Women leaders are role models and mentors to other women and girls.” By Reality Check team That was the claim made in a recent Deloitte study looking at the number of women in leadership roles around the world. But what if the opposite was true? Instead of acting as mentors could successful female bosses be pulling up […]

Is Donald Trump lurking in your art collection?

Have you ever spotted someone who looks like Donald Trump in a work of art? A new high-tech search facility has detected celebrity lookalikes in photographic images drawn from the collection of the Witt Library, part of London’s Courtauld Institute of Art. The ingenious device was conceived by Pholio, a digital photo-album platform that “uses […]

On Trump’s plate: Congress, midterm elections, North Korea

President Donald Trump has returned from an end-of year holiday to face fresh legislative challenges, midterm elections and threats abroad. The president began the second year of his presidency with confrontational tweets targeting Iran and Pakistan. He slammed Islamabad on Monday for “lies & deceit,” saying the country had played U.S. leaders for “fools,” by […]

Warm hearts, subzero temps: Couple gets engaged on mountain

Extreme cold didn’t get in the way of a heartwarming proposal on an icy mountainside. Josh Darnell, 31, of Londonderry, New Hampshire, dropped to his knee and popped the question after climbing to a scenic spot Thursday on Tuckerman’s Ravine, on the southeastern side of Mount Washington. That same day it hit minus 34 (-37 […]

Trump’s Initial Outreach to North Korea Backfired

The Associated Press reported early Saturday that in the first month of U.S. President Donald Trump’s term in office, he sent “an American scholar” to meet with North Korean officials and to relay a message. The message was that the new administration was appreciative of a nearly four-month freeze of the North’s nuclear and ballistic […]

Cardboard Tents Given to Homeless in Belgium

A project in Brussels, Belgium, one of the most comfortable cities in Europe,  is pioneering portable cardboard tents for homeless people to sleep in. Together with backpacks, containing essentials, these were presented to officials yesterday and all be distributed homeless people. The pitching of normal tents in Brussels is forbidden and people are moved on […]