Cosmetic procedures: tips, damages and side effects


The appearance is generally important for women and men, so many people are looking for cosmetic operations that will correct or beautify the desired area. In some cases, however, cosmetic surgery takes a different curve and gives results that are completely different than expected, especially in case of exaggeration. .

You can perform a process of beautification of any area you want in your body and face, and perhaps the most famous cosmetic operations nose reduction and blowing lips and supply, in addition to many other processes that spread more widely after the stars such as carving the face and exposing the jaw and raising eyes.

عمليات التجميل: النصائح والأضرار والآثار الجانبية

Are there any tips before performing cosmetic surgery?
– Do not try to perform cosmetic surgery in order to resemble a professional, if you do not need it, do not risk at all.

– Try to choose a doctor who is competent and successful in his work, and make sure of this step is the most important part because the success of the process depends entirely on the experience of the doctor.

– Make sure that you do the necessary tests and tests, so as to avoid any problems and complications after cosmetic operations.

عمليات التجميل

What are the damages of cosmetic surgery?
– Psychological problems, especially depression and nervousness, and in this case must follow a specialist doctor.

– Addiction to cosmetic operations whether the success or failure of the process.

– Feeling severe pain in the area of ​​operation, and continues for several weeks.

– No disappearance of the effects of the cosmetic process, causing psychological and moral frustration.

– The need to repeat the process because of failure, or because the process is basically temporary results such as injection of the Filler and Botox.

– In terms of material rather expensive.

What are the side effects of cosmetic surgery?
– Anemia which in some cases leads to death due to bleeding.

– inflammation of the place of the operation, or infection.

– The occurrence of complications of anesthesia.

– Gather fluid under the skin and swelling.

– Damage of nerves and brain cells.

– Increase the chances of strokes and heart attacks.

– The incidence of pneumonia.

– Sensitivity in case of skin transfer.

– Severe blood drop.

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