The displaced people in unenclosed area for five days,are calling for help and relief , and Dr. Sabah Al-Tamimi is responding to them by getting them in displacement camp.


thepeacenews” Dr. Sabah was able to enter 11 family (Mosul origin) whom are displaced from Al-Hool camp in Syria to Baghdad,  in displacement camps at Al-Jamea’a neighborhood after being stayed in un enclosed area for 5 days .

The displaced people said that “we  demanded  a lot of officials in Baghdad and Nineveh for 5 days , but unfortunately, no one replied us , so we forced to ask Dr. Sabah Al-Timimi for  a relief and help, who responded  to us within short  hours  and was able to get us in displacement camps at Al-Jamea neighborhood after we were  stayed for 5 days in un enclosed area without water, food or even medicine” .they thanked Al-Timimi deeply upon her noble humanitarian position to rescue and save them and their kids from hunger, cold and diseases.

Al-Timi said that our duty is to serve the displaced people and assured that she is proud of serving all Iraqi people whether they are from Baghdad or Mosul or any other Iraqi governorate, referring that she would take care them and follow up those families via her multi visits to them as well as she would do her best efforts to meet their necessary humanitarian requirements .

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