Jeff Pizzos is the richest man in the world


The world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, tops the 2017 list of world’s richest people, according to Bloomberg’s latest 2017 data with a net worth of $ 100 billion. He can buy 77.3 million ounces of gold or buy 1.51 billion Crude oil barrels; the Bezos wealth is equivalent to 1.87% of the wealth of the richest 500 people in the world. On November 28, 2017, Bezos’s wealth peaked at $ 101 billion, above its lowest level of $ 65.4 billion on January 2 (January) 2017, a difference of 36.6 billion dollars.
Bezos’s fortune has jumped sharply from the middle of 2017; when he was the second richest man in the world at $ 82.2 billion, after Bill Gates, to become $ 100 billion; surpassing Bill Gates, and standing at the top of the world’s richest men’s ranking for 2017 .
Bezos, 53, has been a student of science and technology since his youth. He received a scientific award from the University of Florida in 1982 and worked in computer science and finance at Wall Street. Before founding Amazon in 1994, he had a simple idea of ​​buying books online. The project is evolving; Amazon now has everything the consumer may need online.

At the shareholders’ meeting in 2016, Bezos and Iftar proudly boast of Amazon, announcing that the company is faster than ever, with annual sales of $ 100 billion in 2015, a year that was not only a difference for Amazon, but also a landmark year for Blue Origen Of space and space, founded by Bezos, aimed at developing space rockets and making them more reusable. The company launched its first spacecraft that year.

Bezos’s interests were not limited to technology and space, but also to the press and clean energy. In 2013, he bought the Washington Post, one of the largest newspapers in America and the world, a quarter of a billion dollars. Gates and others also participated in the Briquetro Energy Innovation , Which aims to invest in new forms of clean energy.
Bezos now owns about 17% of Amazon, and in March 2017, Amazon acquired the largest e-commerce platform in the Middle East,, which raised Bezos’s wealth and helped him to top the list of the world’s richest men for 2017.

During Bezos’ long journey to reach that vast wealth, Bezos has acquired many vast experiences, most beautiful in words and lessons, which we try to sum up in this epigraphic, which includes pizzos of ideas, innovation, marketing and choice of partner, and ways of thinking may help you in your work or your current or upcoming project

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