Kirkuk Residents Want Kurdish Security Forces Back: Goran Official


ERBIL – Since the October 16th events, the residents in Kirkuk province are not comfortable with their security and they wish the Kurdish security forces would replace the Iraqi forces in the city once again.

Mohammed Nasradin, head of a branch of Change Movement (Goran) in Kirkuk told BaNews that the federal security forces have already failed to secure the city since the majority of the citizens live uncomfortably, especially because they are not familiar with the Iraqi forces.

“Even though we had some common comments on the role of the Kurdish security forces in the district of Kirkuk prior to the October 16th invasion, but generally speaking they were much better than the current Iraqi forces and even the people themselves believe the same,” Nasradin additionally said.

The Kurdish official further pointed out that the October 16th events were followed by a harsh life for the Kurdish citizens in the disputed areas therefore the two major Kurdish factions have to take serious actions to launch an  investigation to the invasion.

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