Kuwaiti MP Against Financial Aid to “Corrupt Government of Iraq”


ERBIL — A Kuwaiti lawmaker has slammed her country for hosting the international conference on the reconstruction of Iraq where dozens of states are expected to make contributions, saying that Baghdad has already failed in governing and serving its people.

MP Safa al-Hashem said on her official Twitter account that successive Iraqi governments have all failed in reconstructing the country and providing services to the people. “

“Why should we give them another $100 billion,” she asked.

Hashem also pointed out that the current Iraqi government is corrupt and such a huge fund should not be granted to such a government which also suffers from disputes between factions.

Scores of governments are now in Kuwait attending an international event to raise funds for the process of reconstruction of post-Islamic State Iraq.

The United States has already made it clear that it may not donate further funds to Iraq as it has already spent billions in support of the Iraqi government and army.

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