Qatar Red Crescent, QFFD in Iraq health outreach


Under a strategic partnership between Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) and Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) to support the health sector in Iraq, QRCS’ mission in Al-Anbar Governorate has launched a field hospital to offer emergency health care for patients and victims of the ongoing clashes across the country.
Set up in Ana District, west of Al-Anbar, the health facility provides a wide range of medical services for the displaced from western parts of the governorate.
Since its inception, more than 500 patients have been served, in addition to 35 surgical cases (Caesarean section, hernia repair, wound cleaning and stitching, appendectomy, shrapnel removal, and burn dressing changes).
The Ana Field Hospital comprises several departments (operations, intensive care, X-ray, laboratory, pharmacy, and sterilisation and equipment). Also, a blood bank was created to serve various kinds of patients.
The facility is located strategically in a region with no healthcare services due to the total destruction of infrastructure.
All the activities of the hospital are co-ordinated with the Governor and Health Directorate of Al-Anbar, who pay close attention to the workflow in all steps and services of the project.
The first case received by the field hospital was a patient with obstructed labour, who was admitted for surgery. As she had hypertension, the doctors opted for a C-section under local anaesthesia. The procedure was successful, and all the vital signs of the mother and her baby were stable when they were released from hospital.
These efforts are in line with Qatar’s supportive position for the vulnerable Iraqis in Al-Anbar. QRCS is working closely together with the local municipalities and health authorities to ensure the best services for the displaced Iraqis all over the governorate, under the supervision of the Ministry of Health of Iraq.

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