Turkish Assault on Afrin Rather an International Conspiracy: KCK


ERBIL — The United States and Russia bear responsibility in the Turkish crimes carried out against the Syrian Kurds in Afrin, said a top official from the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK).

Speaking to ANF, Bese Hozat, the KCK Co-chairperson of Executive Council, said the Turkish military offensive on Afrin in northwestern Syria is rather an international conspiracy.

She pointed out that the Turkish government is targeting Kurds not only in the Turkish Kurdistan, but wherever the Kurds start to make a progress in the region.

Hozat claimed that Ankara maintains links with extremist groups like the Islamic State (IS), and it has resorted to direct involvement in a war against the Kurds after the Kurdish forces strongly defeated the IS.

“Russia, America, [Bashar] al-Assad’s regime and other forces are involved the crimes being carried out again Afrin; however, the resistance of the people and [Kurdish] forces will defeat this conspiracy,” she added.

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